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I am typing this after signing the lease of our first 1,000 square foot warehouse, reflecting on how we got here in just over a year. 

As a young girl, I fell in love with the idea of buying and selling things. I would go to the 99 cents store and buy cool things to sell to the neighborhood kids, out of our garage. Before you knew it, I hired my little sister and all of the kids would come by to purchase our cool chairs, pencils, erasers, and slinkies. We used our toy cash register to bring in the big bucks. Viola! A store was born. I guess that’s where this all started.

At 10 years old, I was enrolled in club volleyball where my skill caught up to my height. To compensate for the traveling costs of playing club, we had to figure out how to get some extra income to afford things. We would host garage sales often. I became in love with the idea that I could actually make money by selling my clothes that were stylish and still in great shape. Soon, my garage sale selling hobby was able to get us the extra cash I needed to play club volleyball. 

Eventually, I was highly recruited and earned a volleyball scholarship to play at the Division 1 level.

The Diamond Hanger was born in my college bedroom. My tiny room became even tinier with brown boxes scattered all over. It was truly like a hoarders bedroom, which by the way was a 360 turn for me. I spent my days, nights and weekends playing volleyball, studying for school and listing items on online. In between classes and volleyball practice, I would go home and ship all of the sold items. In my “free-time”, I would do research and read discussion forums on how to make my store even better.

After a few months of selling online, I was in awe after realizing the number of women who owned beautiful dress, but never wore it again. I thought to myself, “How many amazing memories can one dress bring?” But after one amazing memory, most dresses were in a cleaners bag waiting to be worn again. I realized that I wanted to give designer dresses a second chance and make it more affordable for all women to own them.

Once my vision became reality, I spent long days searching for exclusive, one of a kind, designer dresses. With drive, passion and dedication, The Diamond Hanger grew to 3,000 items in just a year. 

Each and every one of our items is similar to finding a diamond in the ruff. Some of The Diamond Hanger’s dresses are new, some are vintage, while others are just a season away. Unique and different, most cuts will never be released by that designer again. 

Thanks to our loyal customers, we are now moving from two storage units to a 1,000 square foot warehouse.

Keep your eyes peeled for hundreds of new arrivals weekly!

….And remember, dreams do come true!

The Diamond Hanger hopes that every dress lives up to its life long potential. To contact our purchasing 

department, please email



Ebay Shine Awards Finalist 2017

Category: Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Ciara Brown, 22

Ciara Brown was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug from a young age, selling dollar-store erasers and slinkies to the neighborhood kids from her garage. In college, Ciara turned to eBay to bring in extra income to supplement her volleyball scholarship. Her first listing sold in one day and immediately she was hooked. She listed 40 items the next day, and a business was born. And it grew and grew. Ciara went from keeping inventory in a tiny college bedroom, to renting her mother's extra bedroom, to her garage parking spot and finally two 300 sq. ft. storage units. She built the business from scratch, first working by herself, then hiring a first employee, and eventually a bookkeeper and CPA. And the business just keeps on growing: Ciara recently signed a lease on her first 1,000 square foot warehouse.

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